new years resolutions?

Posted by on January 4, 2006 in general thoughts | 4 comments

I’m normally one for making time every now and again to reflect on ones life… decide what needs fixing/changing and setting resolutions or goals.

This year I find myself with nothing. No resolutions at all.


Somehow I got talked into going swimming today, felt far too healthy doing 40 lengths! Maybe I’ll resolve to get fat and slow down this year? Hmmm could be a winner.

Life’s a bit wrong at the moment, I think I need a good slap, any volunteers?


  1. Dont worry mate i havent made any resolutions;

    dont smoke so cant give that up
    arent over-weight so dont need to go on a diet

    maybe the one i could make is cut down on my partyin….. nah!!

  2. I’m pondering celebecy for a year, it’d be my decision then not fate or the fact I’m a freak!

  3. well well, i havent made any either mate, i think i may need to make quite a few for my rubbish habbits,

    ah well never mind, on with life!

  4. I’ll slap ya?! I like giving you a good slap!

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