inspiration – never where you expect it

Posted by on December 30, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

I sat down, I had things to do… like a tax return, yikes… sort out the flat… maybe some work… loads of other things on my mind… and had an idea for a tune.

A day later its mostly finished and I’m really happy with it.

Always the bleedin’ way though isn’t it?

Some writers and artists, say that you just have to keep making/writing/painting and work on it until something comes out… I’ve tried that with tunes, it never works. My hard drive is full of part written tunes, from times when I’ve sat down to write but not felt inspired.

How do I balance up, all the things I want to do when now and again inspiration pops up and I find it hard to do anything else? I guess I just accept thats how it happens, do it, and hope I don’t fall behind with anything else.

Hmmm… bit of a note to self today, sorry.

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