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Posted by on December 21, 2005 in general thoughts | 5 comments

Stats: Its that time again, when I look at my webstats and say… “what?”

289 people are subscribed to my RSS feed (podcast + textfeed)
339 people have downloaded my last mix

who are you people???? Well, hello and welcome anyway. Don’t be shy, leave a comment sometime!

Hats: Also a quicky today to say congratulations to anyone getting “civil partnered” today! (we need to invent a better phrase, maybe “not-gay-married”?)

Anyone who’s prepared to make a commitment to another human being, is a good soul in my book… someone invite me to a fabulous gay wedding, please! (straight ones are so often tacky n cliche’d and the bridesmaids are never fit and single – sometimes one of, rarely both…)

Well, i’m glad we’re giving everyone the right to form partnerships in law. About time too.


  1. I’m probably about four of the people in your stats, due to my many and varied methods of accessing t’internet.

  2. Can we get married Lukey, so I can get a UK residence card?

  3. Hahaha, I love you man! Don’t tell the doc eh? …anyway, if we got married, I’d rather live in San Fran, not this wet dump… now thats an idea… 😀 besides if you want to move to the uk, just pretend you’re fundraising for the taliban or something, I’m sure we’d give you asylum 😉

  4. My 1st post, only because I’ve just realised I feature in the gallery, and it’s only fair I give Luke credit for coming to Wedding #1.

    Weddings are a great way to gather friends and family in one place, eat, drink, dance and be merry!

    Who will be next to wed….?

  5. I’m going to one of the first bournemouth gay civil partnership ceremonies in the new year.

    It’s pretty much being done as a wedding – but without the church bit – so should be interesting.

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