and repeat, ad nauseum…

Posted by on December 19, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

I’ve been wondering today when it all ends? Not in a game over – “oops I’m dead” way, more philosophical.

Its 0012 right now on a sunday night/monday morning the week before christmas… and I’m doing work.

Where does it end? Does their come a point when you stop n say, “all done!”?

All of my ambitions, boiled down to the simplest ingredient… just involve more work.

I finish this phase… and start work on the next cunning plan… sure I’ll achieve stuff along the way (in a non-arrogant way, I know I will) and hopefully be able to get that place in the sun in the next few years.

Fundamentally though, I’ll just be working on increasingly bigger projects!

Note to self: Make more dedicated chill time. Remind yourself of the game plan and keep the faith!

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