upping my game…

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Is that even a word? (jeeebus, is it an american-ism???)

Whatever, I need to up my game.

I’ve been drifting along these last few weeks, entries here have been a bit random too, sorry peeps.

Its easy to make excuses like I’ve:

had a lot to think about
not felt very well
got a lot on
been trying very hard

They’re excuses.

I need to make some tough decisions n just get on with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I have acheived some stuff recently that is important and moves me onwards… it’s just that I’m failing to live up to my own standards that I know I’m capable of.

About 3 months ago, I agreed to be the point of contact for all owners and the managing agent in my block of flats… it’s meant a bit work, but the advantages are far out weighing that… the block is finally starting to get sorted out (painting, removing the rubbish problem…) and I’ve met some important and potentially valuable contacts.

See, about half the block are owned by investors, who spend their time investing in companies and property… I know I’ve impressed all of them, they keep telling me so, why does this matter you ask? I’m going to need an investor in my next venture. If they’re not interested, I know they’ll have friends who are or will help me to find them… you can’t pay for that kind of help.

It comes around to my old theory of luck and networking. You make your own luck by being open to opportunities and seeing the bigger picture… I just need to make sure I grab this while it lasts and not drift into becoming some sort of hermit coder who lurks at home 24/7.

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