I’m Worth…

Posted by on November 30, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

Ever sat down n worked out what your net worth is?

If you sold up everything and paid off your debts…

I did: 41,000 – WINNER!

Well, it’s not quite the millions I need to take over the world, but it made me smile a bit.

I also worked out what my time is worth and realised I’ve been whoreing myself out well below that!

This all stemmed from pondering how I was trying to balance my time between my projects (making tunes/writing articles/building polysonic and Positive Link) and earning money (DJing/events work/web & print design) and why, somehow, it didn’t add up in either direction… I’m not making enough time for my projects or earning more than enough to get by.

I realised that I was charging for the actual core time to do things, not allowing for any overheads like phonecalls, email and small updates/changes. When I took these into account on average I was working for 5.80 an hour! Stuff that.

Rest assured, I have the confidence and bank balance to say no to work below my new minimum wage i’ve set myself – knowing that this is another important lesson on the road to one miiiiiiiiiiilllllion dollars!

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