Look out Ladies!!!

Posted by on November 29, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

I’m more gorgeous than ever! Hahahaha 😎

Well not yet… but I have started doing exercise things again… dum dum duuuuuuh!

Just about got the motivation back to normal levels, working effectively but not back to my usual turbo-ninja-turtle-pace, although it won’t be long now.

Found a new way to keep my focus and energy levels high while I work…

1) Insert CD, work on task X while CD plays.
2) Exercise / eat healthy snack whilst taking a break from working.
3) Work out your next priority, review incoming emails etc

…and repeat until bedtime or social activity!

I’d forgotten how taking some exercise can kick start the grey matter and get me going again.

NOTE TO SELF: eat good food / get some exercise / go to sleep!

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