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GGGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – feel a need for a rant, hold on to your horses!

Bleedin heck, can everyone please stop bangin’ on about george best?!

The guy played some good football a long time ago and then spent his time womanising n drinking excessively… ooooo he’s such a feckin hero.

So what??

“he was the first celebrity footballer” – oh yeah, and the world is such a better place now thanks to ‘celebrity’ footballers… overpaid idiots most of them who don’t know how to behave.

What a role model, he’s my new feckin idol thats for sure.


You’ve read the headlines about the rape survey, right? Roughly a 1/3 of people surveyed thought that girls who flirted etc were ‘partly to blame’ for being raped… press banged on n on about it… thats good, important story…

Anyone actually read more about the report? Like the difference between men and women that showed up? (strangely receiving almost ZERO column inches…)

Don’t know what it was…?

More women surveyed than men held the belief of “partly to blame”… did you hear any of those outraged feminists mention that??? No. Did you hear plenty of men-bashing stereotypes banded around?? Yes.

Double ppppfffft!!!!!

and the final one…

24hr Licensing

I still think its a good idea and I believe that “binge drinking” is a product of the (warning blog nerd term coming up) mainstream media hype machine.

There were camera crews and reporters stalking around Bournemouth on friday night, I saw them loitering looking for anything that would make a good photo or story about how bad it was… strangely there didn’t seem to be much of a “24hr drinking works” angle to any stories so far.

Yes, I accept it was cold, but everyone I’ve spoken to has said people took their time and so everyone was a bit more chilled out. Restaurants were busier till later, the club I was in didn’t pick up till 2 (normally its queing by midnight) and was still good when I stumbled out about 5.

But no… that doesn’t sell papers does it?

How can that be unbiased reporting??? Makes me wonder who edits the papers and what their agenda is.

Ok, ranting over. Time for bed.

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