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Such a great word, describes well my current mood and why I’ve not posted properly for a while.

See… I’m finding everything a lot more of a struggle than normal: Post holiday blues (ie sun-withdrawal) combined with cold weather, a crap looking bank account and penny being a long way away for a long time makes Luke a dull boy.

Don’t get me wrong I had a great holiday, I gained a painting, custom fitted suit and got most my chrimbo shopping done already – yes me… shopped before christmas eve!!! (I’m going to try and complete my shopping in November, just to see what its like!)

I also had a good think about “the plan”, I even know how I’m going to do it… I just cant be arsed right now.

So I’m taking it, bit by bit and hopefully I can get my mojo back.

I realised that the state of the flat isn’t conducive to work, or inspiration so I’ve hung the new painting and re-hung my favourite original artwork in the lounge (its a charcoal + ink sketch by a friend of mine), I’ve cleared up a load of clutter, chucked some stuff out and got 2 loads ready… 1 for a car boot, 1 for the tip (needs proper disposal).

Made good inroads to re-building polysonic, which is long overdue, sorry peeps, mixes online soon I promise.

Started on the business plan for Positive Link (my next big project, you wait.. its gonna make me rich… rich I tell you!!!) as I have a couple of good investment prospects sniffing around.

You know what? I feel better now I’ve rattled all this out.

Is blogging journalism?

I think it’s becoming a part of Journalism… like eye-witness accounts or editorials… but for me, today, its therapy!


  1. Just don’t go buying any beige or brown clothes!!! Believe me I’ll know. And no, taupe isn’t allowed either!!

  2. Ahem… unlike someone else I could mention :)… my christmas shopping doesn’t normally involve buying things for myself as well 🙂

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