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Posted by on November 22, 2005 in general thoughts | 4 comments

Feeling very random today, my brain is working hard on a project so no intelligent post… just some random facts for y’all!

1) I once spent a week working at Abbotsbury Swannery, the most useful (pppffftt) thing I learned from this time is how to spot the difference between male (cobb) and female (pen) swans.

2) For some reason, unknown to me, the index toe on my left foot is significantly longer than any of my other toes.

3) I’ve never been to France. No real reason, just never have… strangely, French is the foreign language I’m most fluent in and got a grade B at GCSE. (the others being German, Spanish and Esperanto…)

Leave a comment and give 3 random facts most people don’t know about you….


  1. Sounds like fun..

    a) My father is a full-time professional clown and is secretary for the UK Clowning Association (or something like that…)

    b) I was once a budding young footballer on a Rory Bremner show sketch.

    c) I only have one ear drum, the right one having been surgically removed when I was 16.

    Random enough?

  2. AWESOME!!! Come on everyone else… post your 3!!! There is going to be a prize for the best random 3 facts.. BUT any fibbers get disqualified…

  3. Enjoy ~

    1) When I was young I won for me and all my friends 4 Super Nintendos, 3 Megadrives, a game gear and a gameboy – all from 2CR !

    2) I have no middle name and when younger believed that because of this I was an alien (kids are cruel)

    3) There is another Mark Piggott who looks after Judge Jules website.

  4. Ignore my number three, its a lie !

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