lights out!

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lights out!

bournemouth lights out

Well yesterday was a weird ol’ day!

I left my house just as the power cut happened about 930am, assuming it was quite a local outage, I thought I’d take the chance to go to asda… nope, everywhere off.

Can’t describe the atmosphere as I walked around, people stood outside office blocks having a quick fag while they worked out what was going on, no power anywhere except emergency lights.. traffic chaos where the signals were off… then as the day wore on and it became known that power wasn’t likely till the next day, Bournemouth became a spooky ghost town!

Had to go out n take a few pics after dark, not sure they fully capture the atmosphere, but close. Nice change to eat dinner… cooked on my camping stove by candlelight! 🙂

Respect to Bliss and the off liscense down the road for opening in candlelight.

Makes me think about our impending energy crisis and how we’ll all be knackered when we run out of oil unless stuff changes… but hey, no-one cares right? I mean, lets not bother to take any action until the power actually runs out… hmmm.


  1. The town centre was spooky at 6 ! Pitch black with just the outline of the huts !

  2. Lights out, full moon, a free for all on the roads – spookadalious!

    Glad ya had a good holiday, sawadii-ka ;o)

  3. Luckily i wzs stuck in work in verwood (who wasn’t affected) but did take a drive thru town on way home and was well spooky!!

    Makes you realise how unprepared we all are without electric!!

  4. unprepared? I had candles, a torch, gas stove… and was quite happy ta! 😀

  5. I played snakes and ladders by candlelight for 3 hours. It was good.

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