Society n stuff

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Society n stuff

Society is a weird old bugger isn’t it?

2 things have amused me on this trip… well 1 amused me the other I find hard to understand.

…The weirdest thing kept happening on the ferry from Koh Chang… Thai people kept asking me to be in their photos! Why? I dunno. Amused me anyway, they seemed to love it… everyone smiles!

Luke n Friends!

…the other one I just don’t get.. western men with Thai women… I’m not sure if they’re mail order brides or what, but these young women are beautiful and with the ugliest losers ever… why would you do that? I don’t get either side… imagine taking your new bride back home and everyone thinking ‘yeah shes into him for his looks/personality’… hmmm I find it distressing… don’t get it.

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  1. you, in photos with thai’s? david and goliath?

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