Koh Samui

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I’m currently about 50m from an amazing little beach hut me n Penny have rented, its a few back from the front and has a kind of private beach with restaurant n stuff. Muchos Chulo!

This week will consist of ‘general chillin’ last week however was a bit more hectic!

Bangkok is quite possibly one of the most sensory exploding cities i’ve visited… too much to take in! Sights, Smells, tastes… language, craziness… saw loads of cool stuff, as I hinted at above, night bazzar was good, not so sure on the Thai massage – to similar to pain for my liking!

After a few days of luxury n mayhem (staying at the Marriot Bangkok – very plush!), we headed to Ko Chang in the east… amazing looking island, proper jungle scenery but somehow the ‘resort’ or whatever you call it just didn’t quite sit right, the beach was amazing (photos to follow) but it was the tail end of rainy season, meaning it started to rain by about 3 every day.

Not being people to be bothered by all this after 3 days we hatched a plan… we headed back to bangkok on a ‘vip bus’ arriving later than planned, we frantically hailed a cab to try n catch the overnight train to the southern islands… thanks to an amazing taxi driver and a slightly confusing broken thai/english conversation, we managed to catch a sleeper bus with 15 mins to spare! (good… but meaning we’d gone from a 6hr bus journey… to an overnight sleeper… arrived in Surat Thani then waited in the worst bus stop thing ever (only slightly bum bit so far) for our transfer to the ferry… Koh Samui is awesome, now we have this bungalow, we aint going nowhere else!

Thanks to buses n chillin… I’ve fitted in a fair amount of reading:

Mr Nice – the autobiography of howard marks, strongly rec. been meaning to read this for ages, crazy story n its all real.

The Celestine Prophecies by um, someone… been suggested to me I read this a few times, got a lot to say about it… but that can wait for a less sunny day, when there isn’t much better things i could be doing!

Dalai Lama’s ‘words of wisdom’ – I’m now 1/4 of the way through and no, i’m not converting to buddhism, just fancied some more diverse reading.

right i’m off! bye!

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