Rain, rain, go away!

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Some rain, ok. This much rain… nope.

Why do we choose to live in a country that rains on us this much???

I mean, if it was “monsoon season” or “Hurricane Season” maybe it’d be ok, because the rest of the year you get some damn fine heat… what do we get? A few days of fog, some slightly warm days… at best a “hot snap” (normally 3 days max)… pppffffffttt

Can’t wait to be in Thailand now!

Maybe I should go and join the horde of people I now know that have moved (or are in process of moving to) Sydney!

Apologies for the impersonal nature of this next bit, felt I should say hi to a load of peeps…

Andy and Emma, hope you guys are groovy.. Andy, you not on MSN anymore, or am I just awake at the wrong times?

Neil and Lucy – gutted you’re in the Uk while I’m in Thailand, hope Oz is groovy… maybe I’ll come over for some boogy nights next year.

Benton – good luck with the emigration dude… wish I had 2 passports… what kept you here? 😀

Hello to everyone else in the far flung corners of the world…

Canadian Sarah… in darkest Africa, love your emails.

Caz.. good luck with the cruise croupiering (is that a word???), muchos alcohol n beach partying when you return! Any jobs for me on board? 😉

Carl, can’t believe you’re also in London… while I’m in thailand!! DOH! Congrats on the baby and lovely wife… any tips for Bangkok?

Shane and Doc Hollywood – again, how did I do this??? everyone in the UK as I leave for 2 weeks. Hope to see you both soon, planning a month in the states in next year or 2.

um… there’s more but, they’re not regular readers.

and to all in the UK… nice weather for ducks eh? 😀

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