update 21/10/05

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Life’s pretty mental right now, getting set for thailand and cramming as much in before I go.

Looking forward to tonight!!! Spinnin’ some tunes with Mr Bailey upstairs… and the 3 slinky legends downstairs… (Jon Gurd, Tim Lyall and Gaz White) plus get to see some cool people I haven’t seen for ages! (Domino… “Mi Nobio”… 😀 love you man! …better not do a no show!)

Anyways… had a quick look at my web stats for this site on wed night… over 4000 hits this month already! What? Who…? Aparently my Google page rank is now 4… wow. (not that it means much really)

So this is a big hello to all my friends, old n new… real and imaginary, virtual and hypothetical… online, offline and shake-n-it-big-time. HELLO & WELCOME!

Had some weird thoughts about food… but I’ll save that for next week, when I have more time.

Big props to Nick from Pnau, interviewed him on the show last night, top bloke, top tunes… go buy his album: “Pnau – Again” on underwater records.

Nice Swan, sorry its a bit random… head working faster than fingers…


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