greener grass… the ‘key’ skill?

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Such a true saying, the grass does always appear greener on the other side… although, maybe sometimes its true?

In a lot of professions I think people from the outside, perceive them as being better than they really are… for example…


sounds kinda cool? Exciting?

Well maybe it is more so than a McJob… but more than any other reasonably skilled job? No, I don’t reckon… like any job it has its high fliers, but so does any profession!

The reality is often that people are earning, a not too exciting salary… speaking semi-scripted links, in amongst a pre-determined playlist.

Hmmm not quite what most people expect.

I really believe this can be applied to most professions… people outside see the top people and misjudge that one valuable ‘key’ skill that is needed to get there… what they don’t realise is that its also the same ‘key’ skill that would make them a high flyer in their existing life.

Sure… talent, skill and natural ability play a part… but not as big as you’d expect.

What is this ‘key’ skill?

It’s that magic ingrediant that super athletes, business people… radio personalities and everyone else who lives on the greener hill has…

Dedication, drive, motivation call it what you want.

Knowing what you want and throwing every ounce of your being into making it happen, will bring you success on your very own green hill.

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