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Today is a good day.

Woke up and sprung out of bed… for the first time in… jeebus I don’t know how long?! (couple of months maybe?)

Felt a bit guilty but took last night off.. just me, some junk food and a dvd.

Went to bed when I felt tired (not sooner because I had to get up, or later because I’m working) and got up when I awoke… not forced myself out of bed to do stuff!

I’m sure it’s helped by the fact I’ve cleared a few things in my head… and its only 2 weeks till thailand!! woooo!

Amazing what a bit of RnR can do eh? All too easy to spend all your time doing things with, or for, other people when sometimes you just need to say “no, I’m stayin’ in!”.

I always find it odd when seemingly sane and assertive adults, just seem unable to say no to things. Don’t load yourself up with stress, remember the rights of an assertive person:

To have the right to ask for what you want, remembering that the other party has the right to say no. To accept that you can care about people, without them being your responsibility.

there are more, but thats the key ones.

Peace n prosperity to y’all!!!

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