update 10/10/05

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update 10/10/05

Couldn’t think of a good title today, so um, that’ll have to do!

Pics in the gallery have been moved around a bit, clubbing now has its own folder.

Cool weekend, fri consisted of general chillin’…

Saturday was quite random, got quite a lot done… then saw an old friend (and her younger sister who’s just started uni down here – scarily, she was 12 last time I saw her! Felt very old…)

Saturday night was Hed Kandi, big respect to Mr Chris Bailey for his storming set, pics in the “clubbing” gallery

Any critics were well and truly silenced, I’d guess about 1500 people dancing their arses off from start to finish was pretty good! 😀 The tunes were suprisingly not as girly as I’d expected, with only a few classics towards the end.

hed kandi

Bit of an after party, more respect to chris… for passing out and snoring… whilst half way through a sentence! “aberdeen 5… hhhhhhhhh fffffffffff” 😀 😀 😀

Sunday: recovery and relaxation… general chillin and reading the paper! (how cultured of me)

Hope y’all had a good weekend, think next weekend needs to be a quiet one…

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