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Posted by on October 7, 2005 in general thoughts | 3 comments

Am I a git?

I like people to turn up roughly when they say they will, I hate it when I’m running late.. I know I am late sometimes, but as much as possible I reckon I’m not so bad.

So I had an idea last night, when anyone who normally runs late calls to arrange to meet up… the conversation now goes something like this…

A) “Ok so see you at 12”
Luke) “Cool, see you at 1” (repeating back to them the time I think they’ll actually make it)
A) “no, no.. see you at 12”
Luke) “yeah, cool, see you at 1” (playing it straight back, no hesitation, as though I hear 12 as 1)
A) “Um, 12?”
Luke) “Yeah, yeah, 1” (still playing dumb)
A) “errr, ok”
Luke) “See ya later”

Hopefully this has a two-fold effect:

1) It makes them more likely to turn up at 12 and wonder why I’m saying 1
2) I’m setting myself up to expect them at 1, thereby making them more likely to be on time!

If I do this to you, I make no apologies… its you thats the consistently late slacker! hahaha

It doesn’t mean I don’t like you… or value your opinion or anything else… just that I’m re-framing the time you say into LST (Luke Standard Time).

Love you alll!!!!


  1. I was there by 12.


    All good.

  2. Know the feelin mate, very frustrating when other people mess with your timetable so in turn making you the late one!!

    Altho mr bailey manages it without any external help / hinderance!!! 😉

  3. i’m always late

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