the book… and cold pizza

Posted by on October 1, 2005 in general thoughts | 4 comments

It’s been lurking in my mind for a while, now its time to start taking action.

When I go to Thailand, I’m going to start working on the book properly… formulate a plan and then start writing it. It might take me another 4 (ish) years to finish, but I reckon writing it a bit at a time is better than my current progress.

The idea was floated before, but I think I’ll put it on here. Few pages at a time, that way I can write it and get feedback as I go… I’ll make sure it has its own RSS feed so you can know when its updated… It won’t go on the front page, as the entries will be long.

anyway, on a tangent, although the thoughts/conversations happened around the same time….

Am I a minging slob?

I LOVE cold pizza. there, i said it…

Apparently this is “disgusting”, “horrible” and “very unusual”


I thought it was quite normal?????

Buffets and things have cold pizza right?

or am I just losing the plot…..


  1. Frankly mate, I think you’d be weird if you didn’t like cold pizza. Cold pizza is brilliant- especially Dominos for breakfast!!
    Hope alls well with you, Good luck with the Thailand trip,
    hopefully manage to catch up before you go!
    Em x

  2. Cold pizza is lovely.

    Dominos is the best the next morning.

    I also highly recommend cold chinese takeaway – yuuuuuum 🙂

    (cheque to the usual address please luke)

  3. Who would say eating cold pizza for breakfast is minging? Scandalous!

  4. hmmm who indeed? 😀 I told you, you were wrong young lady!!! Our survey says… “Bing”

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