the Chancellor is WRONG!

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yep, you read it right.

When the chancellor said that the current oil crisis was that “the oil suppliers needed to increase output” he was wrong-diddly-wrong.

The problem is our dependency on oil.

Look at what this dependency really costs us, and then see if you agree?

The war in iraq. Come on, be honest, Mr Bush… this was really about 2 things, stabilising oil supplies from the middle east and rewarding Haliburton with contracts for the “reconstruction”. (Clever the way they earn money from arms sales to US military, who use the weapons to destroy things, they themselves rebuild! What a great business model, wonder if I could come up with a scam like that… hmmmm?)

Although, having said that, I still think Saddam was a lunatic who needed removing, not sure they did it the right way though.

Polution/Global Warming. Katrina type storms are becoming more ferocious and more frequent because of global warming, which is due (in part) to our dependency on… fossil fuels (including oil). Why aren’t we investing any real money into renewable or alternative sources of energy like Bio Mass??

Our money! The dependency on oil is costing everyone money as the cost of products and travel increases. If we could reduce this by improved publictransport and better energy sources, this could come back down.

And my last bit of ranting… this is only the beginning, to say its a temporary problem is to be increadably short sighted. Recent estimates suggest the worlds oil fields will run dry by 2012, another 2020. one thing is certain, it is a finite resource thats getting harder and harder to find.

When will people stand up and take responsibility? When the worlds in complete chaos because the oil wells have dried up? Hope not…

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