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Not really sure what that topic means… it looked about right for what was in my head.

I’ve worked out one of the secrets to life, the universe and everything.

No really!

The appropriateness of your response, determines how the world reacts to you in any given circumstance and this response determines your action.

Bit heavy for a monday, i know, sorry…. had to get it out of my head though.

Think of any problem you’ve had or witnessed recently and think about what I put… tell me it aint true? You can even determine future events by the same thing.

It’s kind of an extension on my long held philosophy of life:

Things happen, its how you deal with it that counts.

…but taken a step further.

The more I think about this, the more I can apply it to things happening around me.

I can see a couple of people around me who are in relationships, where they are reacting to things dis-proportionately. That is to say, their response to behaviour from their other halves is out of scale to the actual behaviour….

an example: Case study G – A severe lack of self confidence, self worth and insecurity means that the slightest thing is taken to its worst extreme… an unreturned phone call, slightly outside the normal response time means they are convinced its over and their life will end! Conversely, they are so dependent upon this other person to validate them, that they are stretching beyond their means to shower the other half with affection and “love”… which I guarantee will lead to them making the other person feel smothered and end the relationship, within 2 months.

Hmmmm, I need to get on with some work now… might add a couple of other case studies later.

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