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Posted by on August 26, 2005 in general thoughts | 1 comment

Grrrrr…. I hate spam… all of it… this week, I’ve felt under attack!

Three main types:

1) Well meaning friends, who have moments of sheer stupidity!

There are some weird people in the world and while I think the internet is overall a good thing, have some common sense people…

If I sent you an email saying that aliens had landed, it must be true its been on CNN and AOL… would you:

a) Forward it on to everyone you know thinking, “wow it must be true… I mean Luke says so and he says its on CNN and AOL”


b) Have a look on BBC news and think, “what is he on about now!”

2) Email spam

Annoying… but for me, becoming less frequent thanks to Mozilla Thunderbird

I beg you, please… never, EVER, reply or follow links in email spam… that 1 in a million who do… mean we’re all still getting it. The easiest way to stop spam (and by that I mean, unsolicited emails) would be if everyone made sure no-one clicked onto their sites.

3) Blog comment spam

This blog is getting quite a lot of traffic now, if you search for certain things it appears on google… sadly this has also meant I’ve started having comment spam (you may of noticed some this morning if you were online).

I’ve installed another layer of anti-spam protection now, so fingers crossed its all sorted….

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  1. YES! Spam caught n destroyed… without it appearing on the site! 😀 well… it made me smile… i know, I’m a geek… bla bla

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