Diversity = Happiness

Posted by on August 9, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

I think this is the formula that keeps me happy… tired at times, but sane too!

Yesterday, my very hectic day included:

1. Some “E-commerce Intelligence“, database contracting work.
2. Sitting as a representative on the Bournemouth Borough Council Citizens Panel for recycling and waste disposal.
3. Starting to write an article on “Motivational triggers” ready for the P Link re-launch.
4. Emailing people about my upcoming birthday bash at Slinky!

Hahaha, how random is that lot??? From Music to IT, Life Coaching to Council business… in one day!

Its easier to do things and motivate yourself once you reach a certain threshold of activity, if you’re not doing much it can be hard to get that momentum rolling. I’m doing plenty now and it’s all going good!

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