Mystic Mog!

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Some friends of mine were having a discussion on astrology yesterday, now I have an open mind about the possibility it has some merit… hmmm its the age old question really isnt it…

Do you believe in something until its disproved?

or not believe in something until its proved?

Both lead you down the garden paths in some way…

Whats to say that the gravitational forces (which would be different) exerted upon a developing feotus didn’t affect how its brain developed?

or What proof is there that gravity has any affect on our personality?

personally, I’m of the opinion it probably doesn’t and using the moon/tides argument is bogus.

One thing I’m pretty sure of is that these astrologers/con artists can’t tell us anything about future events (lets not even go down the schrodingers cat argument about “future outcomes”) other than general wishy washy predictions which I believe I could make up to be just as accurate…

so to test this theory, we posted 2 horoscopes online, 1 I made up and 1 “real” one.

People were then asked to read both, and at the end of the day decide which one was “more accurate”…

86% voted for mine 😀 😀 😀

Not very scientific but it made me laugh!

Just call me “Grand Master Mystic Dubyah” from now on please…

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