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Good luck to Mr Chris Bailey and Ms Vicky Devine… LIVE on Chris’s show at Cafe Mambo tomorrow, they are going to make a bet to give up smoking… to the sum of 500 Euros!!

Now thats an incentive not to smoke!

Three top tips, for being a non-smoker….

1) Say to yourself you are a non-smoker… not a smoker who has “given up”, psychologically this trains your brain to think “I do not smoke” rather than reminding yourself that you are missing out on something.

2) Replace smoking habits with others

Stopping smoking means changes to the structure of your day, use of your hands… all sorts of habits associated with smoking. For example if you used to go for a fag break with colleagues, take a 5 min non-fag break, get some air… go to the water cooler.

3) Save all the money you would of spent into a jar
, when you find yourself waining, spend that fund on a luxury for yourself to re-inforce the benefits.

I’ll be honest, I’m with the simpsons on this one… “smokers are jokers” 😀

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  1. They made a similar wager the first time they did this…… and what are they both doing again now!!

    Funny thing is, is that chris does look ridiculus when smoking!! Not something that ‘suits’ him!!

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