Posted by on July 24, 2005 in general thoughts | 2 comments

Still not feeling great, had to abandon the mix last night and just rest… I think sometimes I push myself too hard, other times I can be as lazy as the next man… weird eh?

Striking a balance is pretty much the key to everything in life.

Would of been nice to do the mix last night, I fancy something new to listen to.

Now, time to try n knuckle down and get back on track…

Note to self: If you’re ill, you need to rest. If you’re being lazy, you don’t.


  1. Fireworks were pretty good didn’t you think?

  2. yeah they were wicked, never seen those waterfall type ones or the “sticks on fire”, impressive stuff.
    BBQ + Beach + Fireworks + Friends = Chilled Mr Luke

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