Kim, Aggie and Luke?

Posted by on July 18, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

How clean is your house?

Well mine was pretty bad and covered in sand, thanks to a post-beach-bbq drinking/poker session at mine on sat night. (a whole other story!)

Never fear… cyclone vac thing to the rescue!

… except it started getting hot and um, not working.

Hmmm… emptied the collector thing… click, ffffffrrrrr (not much better)

Took a pipe off, poked around a bit and pulled some fluff out… click fffrrrrrrsssssshhhh (a bit better)

“Bugger it” me thinks… took it to bits and pretty much chucked all of it in the bath (filters, pipes, collector thing, covers…) and showered it!

Amazingly, now it works better than ever! (after letting it dry)

TADA! How to make your bagless vac work again.

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