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Posted by on July 12, 2005 in general thoughts | 1 comment

Everyone has a party trick… right? Whats yours?

Well I don’t really…. but maybe thats about to change!

See, there are 3 people I really admire and strive to be more like:

1. Paul McKenna – I’ve always thought this mans grasp of NLP and hypnosis is like real magic, I’ve started to learn NLP and will soon be doing a course. (If you’ve not seen it yet, his new show on Sky monday night 9pm is a MUST see)

2. Derren Brown – His grasp of psychology, suggestion, body language, tells and “mind reading” is so impressive it scares people! I always find myself shouting at the TV, “how???”.

3. David Blane – Controversial, a bit odd and an amazing close up magician… the big kid in me would love to be able to do some of his tricks. (I was in London when he was sat in that box, had to go and see it)

which brings me back to the party trick… after watching Paul McKenna last night, I was reading a book and had a flash of inspiration, I think I know how some of Derren Browns mind reading works!

So, next time you see me, I might ask you to be a volunteer so I can practice… please indulge me and I promise I will only use my new found (although as yet, untested!) jedi mind tricks for amusement!

How cool would it be though??? Yeah baby!!!!!

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  1. Luke… I am your father! do not succumb to the dark side!!! anyways, you do have a party trick with matches, I know I taught it you! remember??

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