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As seems to be the theme at the moment… more tales of the unexpected!

A last minute large group booking who had their own DJ meant I wasn’t needed to play last night at my regular gig at Fruit. So I took the opportunity to head down the beach for a chilled drink with my housemate and then call up a good friend who I hadn’t seen for a while.

“Couple of quiet drinks”… that was the plan…

Head down to a cool bar called consortium met James, chilled beer n chat… then I hear from 2 friends who are headed out to see me at fruit, so we wonder up there for “one more”

Thats where it all started to get a bit random, whilst waiting for my friends (and my flatmate and his friends who’d decided to now head out) two ladies came and randomly joined us at the table… fair enough, 2 mins later their friend appeared, who was someone I knew from uni and hadn’t seen for 6 years!

Ok, now I’ll level with you… buggered if I know what her name is, my memory is awful! She looked good and is now one of the main designers for new look, it was cool to catch up about people and where they are now (I’m still good friends with her former housemate Emma plus her other friend is DJ Femme Fatale who I’ve bumped into now n again).

That was a pleasant suprise, they left for a meal and in walks my mate Nick… who lives in Seattle! He knew I played there on a friday and had dropped in, cool to see him and his lovely lady… turns out he’s headed back to the UK in october, which’ll be wicked. “one last one”… Then I saw a former colleague from South Africa propping up the bar… so I had to have “a quick one”

As I was leaving, I bumped into an old Cheeky Little Monkey regular (a club night I used to play at) who I’ve been trying to get in touch with, awesome… (nights getting a bit more blurry now) A couple more people turned up, we decided to go to a couple of other bars… for some reason blagged our way into Berlins (yikes), to see my friend who is the manager, then off to Toko!

In Toko I saw a radio colleague I hadn’t seen for about a year “hang around for one quick one” and then whilst silly dancin’ (I mean really dancin’) a girl I met when I went speed dating last year!

If you’re ever new to an area, or feeling in need of an unusual but great night out or maybe fancy a random date or twenty my advice is – DO IT!

See I went speed dating for the radio and I had to do a report on air about how I felt before, during and after… I’ll be honest I had some pre-conceived ideas what it’d be like, yes there were a couple of odd balls, but some really nice people too, who were up for a laugh.

What an unexpected evening, great to see sooooo many people. (including from 2 other continents!)

Better go and sort my hangover out now… got my first social (IE drinking) engagment at 2 today… ut oh…


  1. Yeh, it’s cool when this happens. Was the old uni friend anyone I know?

    I had a cool weekend too.. bumped into an old friend Leila and ending up going to Bolts..

    Top weekend.

  2. No, I don’t think so, one of Emma Fall’s housemates. BOLTS! I heard it was good.

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