Loch Ness

Posted by on July 5, 2005 in general thoughts | 1 comment

Ok, to mark 101… a little random news story about Loch Ness

insurance risk??? Sadly, our investigation was pretty unanimous in its finding that Nessy does not exist. Hmm, maybe I should type up my journal of Loch Ness on here one day…

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  1. happy 101 you old man – i never would have known…!

    wonder what the premium would be?? bet the insurance salesman who got them to take that up has earnt a packet out of it…

    but imagine if they had to pay out, reckon the insurance company would require photographic evidence: man being eaten by loch ness monster… knowing insurance companies they’ve already ensured that such evidence would be a pre-requisite to pay out and that said photos would be property and copyright of insurers….

    i smell a scam….

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