I am 100!!!

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No really, I am. On 14 March 2005 I started writing this blog… and this is my 100th entry… scary stuff!

aLUKEonLIFE.com School Report for Mr Luke Williams:

Could try harder.

No really, I think I could of been a lot further along with my plan than I am now, poor planning and distractions being my main failure. I need to say “no” to things that, if I think about it, offer a poor time/effort/money/goals trade off.

I’ve started adressing this more recently and being more decisive with my commitments. (It’s so easy to put things off and so hard to say no, isn’t it!?)

In this time I’ve learnt some important things… like… I’m HOT! (officially 9.5/10 hot… so there!)

Looking back, the biggest suprise for me is the lack of random stuff… I really imagined me posting a lot more random things like… um, I dunno… Ligers, St George, Conspiracy Theories… cats… who knows, just random stuff!

Here’s to the next 100 and the continuing randomness of life. Cheers.

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