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Ever found yourselves with some tough decisions, that you know you have to make but really don’t want to… its too easy to put them off, save them for another day or hope that they sort themselves out…

Well guess what, they don’t.

You find yourself either wasting time soul searching, going over n over them again, they get harder to make or the lack of a decision complicates the issue.

Very rarely, if ever do they miraculously sort themselves out.

I know this and so (in a slight bastardisation) I say to myself today:

“coach, coach thy self!”

So, apologies, todays entry is going to be self indulgent, it gets back to one of the main reasons I started this ‘ere blog thing guv’nor… Life 2.0

Today marks the start of Life 2.1

Step 1

wiping the slate clean and chalking out a rough plan…

  • De-clutter the flat.
  • Sort anything thats lurking into boxes to sort out later.
  • Commence the “changing rooms” style makeover of the flat.
  • Dig out the A1 pad and give yourself a Life MOT

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