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Is it just me, or is the world the wrong way round?

See, my phone is broken and having eventually got through to customer services I’m left feeling very let down.

The frustrating thing is, the options they’ve presented me make it most favourable to leave their network. (Cheapest + Quickest to get a working handset – go figure?!)

I know that if I keep complaining I will eventually get what I want, which is just a working phone without having to pay muchos dinero! (especially as its a known fault)

I’m a good customer, I’ve always paid my (often sizeable) bills in full by direct debit for about 9 years. Grrrrrr. The worst bit is, I actually worked as a contractor for a branch of this company in the past and I know they can do better… i just have to complain enough.

Why can’t we just have some way of saying, yep, fair enough, this guys been a good customer, lets help him out… rather than having to go through all the time n effort of constant complaints until I get the resolution, I know exists. 🙁

While we’re on the subject (ut oh… this is forming into a full on rant) bravo to the pupils at Glenmoor school who protested about the truants that got taken bowling. I salute you, they stood up against the teachers about a few pupils who had mis behaved and got rewarded, it took a protest by ordinary pupils to make them see sense.

Thats whats wrong with the UK isn’t it? I mean fundamentally its all the wrong way round. (or maybe it just seems that way right now)

Delinquent kids at school get special classes in things like DJ workshops, (warning this is tangentifying rapidly! – ooh what a cool word, I like that) social mis-fits that get pregnant live off a shed load of benefits… what happened to responsibility? Why aren’t these people being sorted out… aaaaahhhhhhhhhh

I’m off to make a nice chicken n avocado salad now, before I go insane. Peace!


  1. Some people are just lucky I guess…

  2. America is even more corrupt. Trying to get a broken appliance repaired / replaced is not fun. I bought a land line phone, had it for 32 days. It stopped working. Took it back to the shop. Apparently after 30 days, you have to send it to the manufacturer, who may or may not repair it. I went through all the channels of complaining and fussing, and got no joy, so even though you know they *could* do the right thing, they won’t. Eventually, it turned out that the fault was actually with the land line service, so it worked out ok. Annoying though. Moaning is good for the soul. Ranting has been known to have a good clensing effect too!

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