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Posted by on May 25, 2005 in general thoughts | 0 comments

yesterday, I felt like crap. Either I had some sort of stomach bug, or my gut was flushing something out following my detox diet. Not sure if this non-yeast + alcohol thing is working, today I have the runny nose again… I’m going to give it to friday, if I don’t feel anybetter then… I’m drinkin at Homelands!

It’s so hard to get things done when you’re ill, I had things I wanted to do yesterday that I’m only just getting done now (although I got some stuff done). All I was able to do was sit and hack around with this site and do a bit of design for a client… the real work I needed to do, planning the next few weeks, got left.

Today, apart from the cold, I feel better. I’ve made myself get out of bed early n get on with stuff. Anyone got a cattle prod? Not sure I can keep this up today.

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