resistance to change!

Posted by on May 24, 2005 in general thoughts | 1 comment

I find it fascinating how people instinctively resist change…

If you look above, you’ll see I’ve added a button called “screenshot

I challenge you, to have a good look and tell me what it is you preferred about the old site… be honest, you’re just being resistant to change for the sake of it, aren’t you?


Now some good reasons I think this one is better…

  1. The RSS feed is working – ok its quite geeky but I bet that soon you’ll be using RSS…
  2. It’s not launched YET but the screenshot button will change to become an integrated gallery (which I couldn’t do before)
  3. This style gives me much more control over things like font size (which I’m open to comment on… I’m pondering making the main entries a size larger – feedback?

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  1. I like this one, when you look at one with comments it’s not as tidy though.

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