Mindset n Family Tree?

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Sunday saw a brief road trip to visit a load of relatives in Bath… turned out to be pretty much the whole williams/greenhalf tribe. I like these big family gatherings, most of my family lives 3+ hours away so I don’t see them as often as I’d like. (plus I work mainly weekends and they all work in the week)

The reason for this gathering was “the twins” birthdays a couple of weeks ago and my mum’s twin brothers wife’s birthday on sunday. (confused?)

Check this out for a sizeable clan… (people don’t believe me when I say Christmas shopping is hard work)

  • my mum
  • mum’s mum
  • mum’s twin brother
  • mum’s twin brothers wife
  • mum’s twin brothers wife’s mum
  • mum’s twin brothers wife’s mum’s sister!!! (Confused now???)
  • plus 3 cousins (with 2 other halves) 2 more uncles and an aunt

From the Greenhalf side (my mum’s tribe) the only person missing was my sister (who has her CEMA exams this week – good luck sis!) so my gran made us all sign a postcard wishing her luck in her exams.

Meeting family is always weird, I’m kind of a wild child of the family, I think they’d love it if I had a normal job… girlfriend n all that… nah! not me guv’nor!

Anyway, family tree done n dusted… the whole point of this was about mindset.

Apart from my cousin Helen who is starting to discover that life can be whatever you make it (and possibly my uncle David), I have only 1 fundamental difference to my family, which I must remind myself of (hence the reason for todays post)

They settle, I challenge.

I don’t mean that in a bad/derogatory way, its just, they all sit around discussing how bad their boss is, how much they’d love to have more holiday time… etc etc, perfectly normal things. I just don’t see life that way, I know life is whatever you make it.

If i want the weather to be nicer, I’ll work out how to move somewhere hotter (Still working on that one)…

If my boss is working me too hard, I’ll quit and become self employed (oops did that too)…

Note to self: Take time to set your goals, work out how to reach them… break it down into chunks then go do it!

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