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It’s official. My memory plays games with me.

I have this dream, I think, that I remember so clearly… I’m beginning to wonder if it was a memory… although I’m pretty sure it’s just a re-curring dream I used to have.

¡muchos confuso!

All the dream is about is seeing un-identified lights flying around in the sky… which I might actually of seen, I did used to love watching the sky when I couldn’t sleep and things like lightning I still love. hmmm, now I’m even more confused, anyone got a brain-a-tron?

It’s compounded by another dream I used to have about being chased around my local area by things I couldn’t see and the fact that the SAS is based in Hereford, who fly in and out of the airfield all times of day + night.

Feel better now I’ve cleared that in my head, it must be a memory of low flying planes after watching Dr Who as a kid making me dream about aliens or something. The other dream is a typical anxiety dream.

Phew I’m not mental, or an alien abductee… I was starting to wonder! hahaha

wow, this blog thing really sorts your head out! (or makes everyone else think you’re crazy)


  1. crazy…. but lovely!

  2. I’ve had something very similar to this, not going to divulge it right now but next time we have a beer ask me about the “dream”.

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