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Why do we feel no responsibility for the world around us? It makes me mad to see the amount of wreckless consumption and destruction occuring every day… but what can I do to help? I am just one man….

well… YOU can help change the world, today. 3 easy steps that take little time…

  1. End World Poverty: Click Here and send the world leaders a message we want it sorted out. (2 mins max)
  2. Change your energy supply to a renewable source, NPower juice or Power2 – they cost the same as your existing supply.(5 mins max)
  3. Have a clear out and donate unwanted clothes to your local charity shop. You’ll feel good de-cluttering and you can help raise funds for any cause you choose.(hmm, 20mins maybe?)

None of those ideas will cost you anything except a few moments of your life.

If you’re feeling inspired to make a difference, spread these ideas… or maybe donate money to Cancer Research by following the link on the right >>
(My good friend sarah is going to walk part of the great wall of china, but she needs to raise a certain amount before she can go)

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