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Posted by on May 13, 2005 in general thoughts | 1 comment

Music has been my girlfriend and mistress for as long as I can remember, from teen angst years playing in a band called “kai huanga” (which is Maori for “eat your cousin”) through to my current state as a radio + club DJ.

As with any good relationship we have our ups n downs, sometimes its hard but now n again I’m reminded why I love music so much.

Good music for me, is that which inspires emotion.

Recently, it’s been hard work and I’d lost the love a bit. Thankless long sets take it out of you, especially if you’re tired it can be quite soul destroying not getting much feedback from the crowd. It can also be a leap of faith to trust in yourself that your musical instincts are right for the night.

There are some wicked new tunes around and I’ve got some really good gigs through the summer… I should earn enough to live on, after that… well we’ll see. There’s still an album in my head trying to get out, but I’ll be honest I’m pondering making music more of a saucy mistress in the near-ish future.

A new chapter in Luke 2.0… ironically probably, literally (no pun intended) a new chapter as I’ll get on with writing my book.

note to self: Remain determined to be the master of change in my life and not its bitch

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  1. Well said!

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