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Why is it so much more enticing/compelling to do something because you’re told not to???

Every week record companies send me free music, the deal is, I play it on my show, tell them what I think of it and submit a weekly top 20.

Great, I’m happy, they’re happy.

but… when I get sent CD’s that are “watermarked”, “unplayable in a PC” or “digitally encoded to prevent uploading/conversion to mp3” – why then do I feel the need to hack them???

I’ve not yet found an encoded CD I couldn’t get to work/copy or rip. Not 1. Now I’m not a major hacker or anything, I have no intention of copying these promo tunes (I want them as exclusive to me anyway, so ner!) and selling or distributing them… but if you tell me I “can’t” play them on my pc… well… thats a challenge if ever I saw one…

Now, I’m going to go a step further and tell YOU how you can use them, for 1 simple reason. I object to them being unplayable in a pc, if you give me (or I buy) a cd I feel I have the right to play that on any of my musical systems I own, so should you… besides, all these “clever” encryptions have 1 basic flaw… ready?

put the CD in your drive and hold down “ctrl” while the disc is inserted. After the disc has whirred a bit, bobs your bastard daddy you can play it, rip it or use it as a frisbee.

thats it

simple eh?

Only 1 CD out of about 20 I’ve been sent that had these claims wasn’t beaten that way (I won’t tell you how I did the other one)

How lame is that? A simple keypress bypasses the cd from auto installing a little application that prevents that cd from being played on your machine… why bother? Well… someone, somewhere is getting rich selling this to record companies!

My advice if you work for one of those companies, try this on your discs and if it works… have a long think about spending more money on these “systems”

NOTE: the digital watemarking is NOT bypassed this way it just allows you to play the cd on a pc…. if they are actually watermarked is a whole other story…

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