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Tom Middleton presents Cosomsonica (crazy covers Vol 1)

where to begin? I think my description after listening to the album right through and then going to the pub last week sums it up…

“hearing it all in one go is like being forcefed mind altering drugs, being spun around whilst listening to the craziest tunes you’ve ever heard and being whacked around the face by a rubber chicken. Mind blowingly good stuff.”

From an electro version of Nirvana “smells like teen spirit” to a country n western cover of Run DMC “walk this way”… a samba version of Michael jackson “beat it”… throught to even more inspired and twisted things like Marily Manson “like a virgin” and George Michael doing “Roxanne” in a new jazz styleeee-badop-dobodee-dobeee-do-aaaahhh……..

buy it

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