confusion and change

Posted by on May 5, 2005 in general thoughts | 2 comments

My lodger has handed in his months notice today, not a major issue except it makes me ponder is it time to sell/move/rent/travel/become a monk???

If I can’t find someone to move in then outgoings > incomings… so maybe it is time to get a job for a while, build up the funds and do something else. hmmm.

Life is pretty confusing right now, a lot of opportunities are presenting themselves and I’m finding it hard to focus.

I really do have NO IDEA where I’ll be in 6 months time….

stop it williams!

I find it fascinating the way different people react to change, in a lot of ways I welcome change but when its forced upon you, it is unsettling. I’m in danger of falling into the “who moved my cheese?” state and just refusing to take action, no I must not! (If you’ve not read “who moved my cheese” yet, do so)

Today, I need to sort my flat out a bit then get a big bit of paper (i like to use wallpaper lining paper) and write on it all the things I need to do, the goals I have and the challenges I face. Once its on paper I can see it, join up the dots and find my way forward again.

“life moves pretty fast, you don’t stop to look around once a while, you might miss it” wise words indeed from Ferris…


  1. You should move to the US and become the biggest DJ in the world.

  2. maybe, maybe….

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