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“I love huckabees” THE strangest film I’ve ever seen. (and I’ve seen some weird films!)

It’s a film about a guy, who after a series of co-incidences hires an “existential detective agency” to investigate, from then on, it’s hard to explain what happens.

The film flits around all kinds of philosophical issues: the interconnectedness of all things (to borrow a phrase from Douglas Adams) / the randomness of life / the inevitability of human suffering / destiny…

At one point, 2 of the detectives (one of whom is played by dustin hoffman) are with a client, who is trying to fire them as he doesn’t buy into their theories or methods, he poses them a question:

How can I not be me?

thats a noodle scratcher.

anyway, good film, hard going, bit heavy in places and it really scrambles the screwballs! Pity, we were after an easy going comedy last night…

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