the pope or star wars?

Posted by on April 27, 2005 in general thoughts | 2 comments

the pope or star wars?

you know when you are doing something dull, say paperwork and you see an idea for something a bit pointless but you just have to do it… well, I had to do this once I had the idea… what with episode III coming up n all…

which side of the force is this person on?pope or emporer


  1. Is that really him???

    Safe in the knowledge that religious beliefs, doctrines and preachings have caused more bloodshed than anything else in history, i’m sure the latest papel understanding and relaxed standpoints on all of society’s major issues will help to avoid us having to domesticate space travel and disappear off to the third sun beyond the second moon near Golgorrah…

    …but maybe that’s not such a bad idea anyway…

  2. hahaha, love you man!!!

    yes that is Pope Benedictine XV (that right?) photoshopped into the emperors cloak… scary likeness though eh???

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