non-new year resolutions

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I like driving.

It gives me time to reflect and think clearly, there’s no distractions… apart from the actual driving thing!

So, fresh from my travels around the country visiting family (500 miles racked up so far and I got 3 more days with the hire car yet…) I’ve got more perspective on what I’m doing next.

notes to self:

1) Get a little book to write things down in, ideas, to do lists. Make it small enough so you can take it down the beach in a pocket and write down ideas whilst sat on the sand. If it looks like you have a lot in there, remember your goals and as time progresses, look how much you cross off as complete.
2) Take time now and again to relax, visualise how you want to live your life and plan the next steps.
3) Watch less TV (my nice new TV is great at sucking hours from my life!)
4) Ring people (txt’ing is less personal and open to misinterpretation)
5) Take action every day on each key thing you want to achieve.
6) Be more healthy. (if you need to see a doctor, do it. Eat better. Exercise more)
7) Think before you accept work. Is this thing you’re commiting yourself too, worth the time and energy you’ll expend on it.

Live your life the way you want to.

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