deja vu…?

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a short “quiz” for y’all…

Name the country where:

1) ..the government has been proven wrong on its “evidence” for going to war?
2) seems to be the main force behind politics?
3) ..former allies (who they sold weapons to) are now “sponsors of terror”?
4) ..the leading political figure is increasingly introducing religion into politics?
5) ..sound scientific practices are being discussed on an equal footing with “other religious thinkings” in some schools?
6) ..mainstream press seem to be focusing on irrelevant “infotainment” style news and incessant coverage of news stories at the expense or some, actually quite major stories?
7) ..”terror suspects” are detained without basic trial, despite the right to fair trial being a leading principle of that country?
8) ..local politicians are in court over allegations of vote rigging, without ANY statement from their political party denouncing their involvment?

what did you answer?


Look again, that is all happening here in the UK.

Scary aint it!?

The one that hit me is how small a story has been made about the vote rigging in Birmingham.

Richard Mawrey QC who ruled on this case said that our postal voting system was: “wide open to fraud” AND strongly attacked the government’s attitude to the problem.

He ruled there had been “widespread fraud” in six Birmingham council seats won last year by Labour.

I cannot believe how this seems to be a non-issue!!!! (it’s not even on the front page of BBC news website!)

Maybe I’m missing something here???? If I am, please let me know.


  1. I think terror suspects should be kept in jail as long as the government wishes. Most of them are Muslim terrorists anyway, we all know it.

  2. Make sure you’re eligible to vote. The next general election takes place on the 5th of May.

    When you go to the polling station mark a clear X next to Conservative and give them another chance.

    They’re the only real alternative.

  3. ew! god no!

    Lib Dem or Green all the way!

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