Getting out of bed

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Now I’m a busy guy, I believe in cramming as much into life as possible… make it diverse n exciting… challenging and stimulating… make time for the things you want to do…

but I just can’t get out of bed sometimes!

I have quite possibly the best mattress in the world and the softest/warmest duvet ever… it had been a heavy weekend, with working and drinking I did need a lie in, I wanted to get up and start doing some work today, I have to take my friend for a walk later too. My time in bed wasn’t entirely wasted, I had a few phone calls and txt messages to attend to… but a 3 hour lie in Mr Williams, is excessive!!!

Hmmm, I need to regulate my sleep a bit more, it’s hard when you work a minimum of 2 nights in a week not to become nocturnal, often I spend mon-wed in a kind of jetlag state because of finishing work at silly o’clock fri/sat nights.

So, as with anything in my sordid little life, I turn to books and the internet (I am such a nerd) for wisdom. Dr Bob Arnot seems to offer the theory that it is almost as important to get up at a regular time, as the amount of sleep you get each night, so allowing myself enough sleep each night, I’m going to set my alarm for 845 every day for a week (even mornings after I finish work at 2am) and see how it goes, allowing myself 15mins only to get out of bed too.

This weeks method,

Regulate sleep as much as possible
Avoid caffeine/sugar rich things after 1pm
Get out of bed 15mins after I wake up at latest
Get up, have a think about what I want to acheive today, then get on with it….

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