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I can’t help it, I hoard crap… and it has to stop!

It’s taken me 3 days on and off to sort through all the stuff I’m hoarding under my bed and around the house… my flatmate has suggested that we ebay all the random stuff I want to get rid of, see part the problem is, I don’t believe in throwing something away that could be used.

This hoarding of things I don’t need anymore (like car care stuff… hello, I sold my car 3 years ago!), plus the stores of momentos and odd bits I don’t use often (eg a tent) = a load of junk!

Still, I’ve done the really important stuff this week and sort out the mess after one of the tennants in this block had a domestic and kicked a hole in the communal front door. (the managment company are useless, you want anything doing… do it, send them the bill!)

All in all, I’ve done ok this week… my plans from now are to allow more time for long term planning and development.

Next method… the list thing works, need to manage my time better… hmm, I’ll get back to you.

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  1. just got up to date on the blog muff monkey n thought i’d really better offer some support on the hoarding bit…

    how can you not hoard? i don’t understand – some people manage to throw useless things out without a moments “oh, that might come in handy” at all – how blatently regardless can you get.

    reckon you can break it down to the squirrels & pigeons out the window – one saves, burrows & hoards, the other stuffs its belly and buggers off…

    what i learnt: costa del bournemouth inspired “The Fog” – fame at last

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