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Why is it that around the UK (and indeed the world) St Patricks Day is celebrated with such greater fervor than St Georges Day??

how many people can name what he did that made him a saint or indeed what his legacy or legend was?

(for the record there are numerous legends, including the banishing of poisonous snakes from ireland / the conversion of the pagan irish through the use of the shamrock to explain the holy trinity…)

Now St George killed a dragon, most folks know that… if you ask me thats way better than “banishing” a few snakes… so why do we not see every pub saluting St George on April 23rd?

The only reason 99% of people celebrate St Patricks Day is GUINNESS, lets be honest… if St Paddy’s day wasn’t about drinking enough guinness till you got a free hat it’d be the non-existent day St George’s is for most of the populous!

So I’d like to join the campaign for recognition for St George and get our flag back from those BNP swines who seem to of claimed it from us.

Dear Mr UK Brewery,

I thought I’d write to inform you that you’re missing out on what could be a huge revenue earner for your pub chain/brewery (delete as applicable).

For a moderate sum of advertising spend (a few posters per bar/outlet) you could reap huge revenue.

Got your attention?

Lets make St George’s day a real ale festival, look how well St Guinness’s day is celebrated (sorry I mean St Patricks day…)

Promotional ideas: plastic roses, knights helmets, branded flags, foam swords, toy dragons… the merchandising (sorry I mean er… patriotic gifts) ideas are endless.

I’ve even done you a poster you can download here all ready to put in your window…

Kind regards

Luke Williams


  1. Too bloody right!

    Send the letter to a cider brewer too – traditionally english tipple – and one frequented by you too Mr W!

  2. MY GOOD GOD, what an oversite…. STRONGBOW!!!!!!

  3. I would like to say I have been doing my part for St. George, and making all my poor American students learn about it. I can’t really take them out for real ale, though. Especially since Americans really don’t get real ale… or ale at all for that matter.
    Ex-Pat Sarah

  4. Well if there’s a drink offer involved I think it’s a fantastic idea… Just as a matter of interest our patron saint killed dragons etc what did St P do exactly (apart from make Guiness execs rich)??

  5. Apparently, St. P chased all the snakes out of Ireland. Not sure there were any snakes there in the first place…

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